ReproScripts Pro Pro actions plugin for CorelDraw

  • splitting shapes in parts and documents in pages
  • convertion powerclips into groups
  • mass operations through all pages and clips

One of the three dockers in the ReproScripts Pro which allows you to perform some operations on objects of an active document. The need for such operations from time to time arises in the work of almost every designer. The docker can be opened via the Windows > Dockers > ReproScripts > RS Pro Actions menu. At the top of the dock there is a list of available operations. After selecting one of them, it will be possible to specify additional parameters for the action.

Adjacent alignment of objects

Despite the presence of a fairly large set of different tools in CorelDraw for positioning objects, there are tasks that can not always be performed at the desired level of convenience. Such tasks include adjacent alignment - the arrangement of objects in such a way that they are in contact with each other exactly along the border. Manually you can do it, but it's not always easy.

For adjacent alignment using the plugin, you must select the objects that you want to align 1 and click on one of the buttons that indicate the alignment direction. 2

The sequence in which objects are selected is important. If you select two objects, the second object remains in its place, and the first one will change the position when aligning. For the selected objects, alignment in different directions can be performed several times in order to achieve the desired arrangement of the figures.

ReproScripts Pro Actions - adjacent alignment

Breaking the document into pages

This action saves each page of the active document as a separate file. The source file must already be saved to disk. The plugin will create a folder next to it, which will contain files with pages. The file names will be composed of the name of the source file and the page number. After completing the work the plugin will open the folder with the result.

Deleting all guidelines

From time to time you come across a document in CorelDraw with a lot of guidelines which often scattered across different pages. Removing them with standard tools can take a significant amount of time. The plugin allows one to get rid of all of them in one go. Select tha ction in the list, specify the work area - one page or all pages of the document and click the Execute button.

Removing PowerClips

The plugin allows you to get rid of all PowerClips in a document. The processing area can be set as the entire document, or a separate page or selected objects. You can specify actions separately for clips with content and empty ones. To preserve the design appearance, you need to select convert to group for the clips with content and remove powerclip frames for empty ones. Using other options will lead to changes in the appearance of the document, but can be used by the designer to solve various tasks.

Reverting symbols to objects

Mass translation of symbols in objects across all pages of the document or in another specified area.

Splitting shapes

For design purposes, it is periodically required to split an object or group of objects into parts. The plugin offers two approaches for doing this:

  1. Tabular splitting into equal parts: select an object (or several objects) to split 1, specify the number of rows and columns 2 and click the Execute button. The plugin will cut the object into parts on the specified grid.
  2. Splitting along the guidelines: select an object (or several objects) to split 1, place one or more guidelines over them, and click the Execute button. The plugin will break the object into parts along all the guides that cross it (vertical, horizontal or inclined).