Installation of ReproScripts plugins

All ReproScripts plugin libraries can be installed using one installer available for download from this site. When installing, you can choose which libraries in which CorelDraw suites that are present on the computer will be added.

Sometimes, when installing plugins, the necessary libraries are blocked by antivirus software or Windows security. In this case, the plug-in interface is correctly embedded in CorelDraw, but all or part of the plug-ins do not work. To fix this, disable antivirus applications and Windows Real Time Protection and reinstall plugins. Alternatively, you can check the security logs for blocked software and remove the ReproScripts libraries from there.


ReproScripts plugins do not contain viruses. However, the built-in Windows protection system — SmartScreen blocks many files downloaded from the Internet. To overrun that behaviour and launch the installer you need to follow these steps (for Internet Explorer):

  • when you click the download link for ReproScripts installer a warning window popup at the bottom of the screen — press Run button 1 and then View downloads in the next alert window 2
  • rightclick on ReproScripts.Setup.exe in the downloads list and select Run anyway from the popup menu 3
  • click Run to start installation 4
Overrun SmartScreen security warning

Similar security filters are built into other browser as well. To launch the installer you should follow similar steps specific for each of them.


Some antivirus programs are configured to block all applications and libraries that they are not familiar with. ReproScripts plugins do not contain viruses and for their normal functioning it is necessary to provide the ability to run all necessary libraries by adding plugins working folders to the list of antivirus exceptions. This operation is performed differently in antiviruses and in case of such problems it is necessary to refer to the documentation of the application protecting your system.

What is installed

The installer will install the selected libraries into CorelDraw suites and change their interface, adding some elements - toolbars, dockers and other components. Detailed information on what exactly will be installed with each of the libraries can be found in their description on the site.

Plugin settings

In addition, the ReproScripts Settings item is added to the CorelDraw Tools menu, which opens the plugins settings. You can configure the units of measurement used for all plugins and start the activation, updating, or uninstalling the libraries.

ReproScripts plugins settings

Windows Start Menu

The ReproScripts section is added to the Windows main menu to launch the limited version of the installer, which allows only to activate or uninstall all plugins. To change the installed libraries a full installer from the website is required.

ReproScripts in windows start menu

Activating plugins

All ReproScripts plugins require activation. Each library is activated separately and a free 30 day trial period is available for all of them. All operations associated with activation - full or trial activation and deactivation, require an Internet connection.

Activation can be performed immediately at the time of installation or started later from the plugin settings in the CorelDraw Tools / Reproscript Settings menu or by using the installer in the Windows start menu> ReproScripts> ReproScripts installer.

Trial Activation

To activate the trial period, you need to start the installer and select the activation mode. To begin the trial period, you need to tick off the necessary libraries and activate them. No additional information is requested.

Full activation

Full activation is performed using the serial number, which can be purchased at this site. Run the installer and enter all the keys for the libraries that you want to activate. One serial number can only be activated on one computer.


To transfer the activation of the serial number to another computer, you can deactivate it and then activate it again. This operation can be performed no more than 2 times for each serial number.


If you have an Internet connection, plug-ins check the availability of updates once a week. You can change the validation period or disable this function in the plug-in settings window by clicking on the update button.

Updating ReproScripts plugins

Adding / Removing Libraries

To change the list of installed libraries, you should use the full installer downloaded from this site. Run it and repeat the installation process, marking the required libraries.


For complete removal of plugins, run the operation in one of the following ways:

  • from plugin settings: menu CorelDraw / Tools / ReproScripts settings
  • from the Windows Start menu: ReproScripts> Reproscripts installer
  • from Windows Settings: Settings> Apps & features> ReproScripts