ReproScripts Pro ~ CorelDraw plugins library

The library is aimed at performing various tasks that occur in the work of every professional designer or prepress operator. After installation, three dockers are added to the CorelDraw interface. They perform three groups of tasks: it is a complex manipulation of the document pages, execution of various technical tasks in the document, and convenient searching and processing of objects against a sample shape. The library expands the range of automatic operations that allow working in CorelDraw on a professional level.

Pro page tools

The docker is focused on performing various complex manipulations with the pages of the document. It will allow you to insert, delete, rotate, duplicate and rearrange pages in a variety of ways, which is often necessary when preparing for printing multipage editions. The plugin greatly extends the range of use of CorelDraw for printing brochures, catalogs and books.

Pro actions

This plugin automates several tasks which every professional designer or prepress specialist comes across in their work from time to time. They allow you to quickly and efficiently complete such tasks and save considerable time. The complete removal of all guides in the document, the conversion of powerclips into regular groups, the breakdown of the document by pages into separate files and some others are among those tasks.

Pro select

The plugin implements an exceptionally frequent task of finding objects based on some characteristics of a sample shape. You can choose which parameters to consider when searching. If the objects with the required parameters are found, there are several options for further work with them - select, delete, change the color, etc. All the parameters for searching are conveniently located in the docker, which is easily accessible and is great for performing regularly occurring tasks.

ReproScripts Pro ~ CorelDraw plugins library


The library can be installed using an installer common for all plugins which is available for download here on the site. Additional information on installation and activation can be found at this page.

After you have installed the plugins in the CorelDraw menu Windows/Dockers/ReproScripts three items appear, allowing you to open the corresponding dockers.

Supported CorelDraw versions

Suite and Standard
  • CoreldDraw 2017..2023
  • CoreldDraw X6..X8