ReproScripts VDP ~ CorelDraw plugins library

The library consists of one plugin which has extensive VDP functionality. It helps to organize work with variable data - text, images and barcodes, directly in CorelDraw. Variable data can be generated by the plugin independently, or downloaded from external sources. The output file can be saved not only as a multi-page CorelDraw document, but also as a PPML file . This format is supported by most modern digital printing machines and it accelerates printing jobs with variable data hundreds of times.

Variable data manager

The plugin for generating and processing variable data, allows you to effectively solve the task of personalizing printed materials in CorelDraw. Any single-page or multi-page document can be used as a template for data substitution. To text and vector objects of the template can be assigned information about data that will be formed and inserted into them. Some features of the plugin:

  • different schemes for the formation of numbers, including cyclically repeated ones, allow performing any types of numbering of printed products
  • specialized fields for processing ticket numbering - substitution of rows, seats and other data specific for various kinds of tickets
  • generation of variable bar codes of various types, including two dimensional - such as QR code
  • loading, processing and substitution of variable data from external CSV files, which allowes easy to add names, organizations, positions, etc. as variable data
  • batch import and substitution of images from the selected folder, while adjusting the size, brightness and other parameters, will allow, for example, to substitute a photo of each person from the list
  • the finished file can be immediately formed as a layout on a printed sheet, immediately ready for sending to a digital printing machine

To speed up printing of the finished file with variable data, you can use the PPML mode, which allows you to create a result in a special open format that is supported by most modern digital printing machines and speeds up the output of files to print in tens and even hundreds of times compared to printing from the CDR format.

The plugin has a convenient informative interface that allows you to quickly and easily prepare a new project with variable data and, in case of problems, quickly figure out how to fix them.

ReproScripts VDP ~ CorelDraw plugins library


The library can be installed using an installer common for all plugins which is available for download here on the site. Additional information on installation and activation can be found at this page.

ReproScripts VDP ~ CorelDraw plugins library command bar

After installation, a toolbar will be added to the CorelDraw interface, providing access to the library plugin. You can move and dock it like all other panels of the application.

Supported CorelDraw versions

Suite and Standard
  • CorelDraw 2017..2024
  • CorelDraw X6..X8