ReproScripts Calendars ~ CorelDraw plugins library

The library is aimed at automating the preparation of various types of multilingual calendars and diaries. Plugins work in a single bundle providing greater flexibility and convenience. The calendars are easily scaled and adjusted by color and fonts. There are free accompaning online services available for all users that allow to download a list of holidays for different countries and determine the geographical coordinates which are required for some data added to free layout calendars.

Annual calendar

The plugin allows you to develop calendar grids for a whole year or other number of months. In the preview window, you can see the calendar that will end up as a result. The arrangement of blocks and calendar elements is easy to configure. Flexible and versatile overloads of appearance for all elements make it easy to change colors, fonts and other parameters depending on the day of the week, month, holidays, etc.

Month builder

This plugin is used to create the design of one month of a calendar. It provides a large number of flexible settings for quick setup of all elements. In the preview window, you can see the calendar that will end up as a result. The appearance of the finished calendar can be estimated in the preview window. The resulting project can be used both independently, to generate a cdr file, and in the Free Layout plugin, to substitute the whole month in the right place.

Free layout calendar

The work of this plugin is based on the use of pre-designed templates in which elements are assosiated with data that is substituted later. Such approach allows you to create calendars and diaries of a variety of types. In addition to dates, months and weeks, you can add moon phases, zodiac signs, moon and sunrise time to templates, and much more.

Calendars variator

Use this plugin to batch generate different kinds of calendars and automatically export a large number of color variants based on the finished projects from Month builder or Annual calendar plugins. It is convenient, for example, to prepare a range of options to be evaluated and approved by your customer.

ReproScripts Calendars ~ CorelDraw plugins library


The library can be installed using an installer common for all plugins which is available for download here on the site. Additional information on installation and activation can be found at this page.

ReproScripts Calendars ~ CorelDraw plugins library command bar

After installation, a toolbar will be added to the CorelDraw interface, providing access to all library plugins. You can move and dock it like all other panels of the application.

Supported CorelDraw versions

Suite and Standard
  • CorelDraw 2017..2024
  • CorelDraw X6..X8