• ReproScripts Core - fast and efficient way to perform often required operations
  • ReproScripts Imposition - build impositions meeting the requirements of digital, flexo and offset printing
  • ReproScripts VDP - fast and versatile variable data printing in CorelDraw including PPML
  • ReproScripts Pro - manipulate pages and objects to solve complex tasks
  • ReproScripts Calendars - create advanced daily, weekly or monthly calendars in automatic way
  • ReproScripts BarCodes - work easily and conveniently with 1D/2D barcodes and vCard QR
  • ReproScripts Info - identify vital data in your designs for the production site

ReproScripts —
professional plugins for CorelDraw X6..2021

Automate routine operations, reduce the time to prepare jobs for printing, generate variable data, create complex designs in seconds ...

Plugins for Coreldraw

ReproScripts is a collection of CorelDraw plugins aimed at professional application in the field of design and prepress. They greatly expand the range of available tools in CorelDraw and allow you to automate many routine and difficult tasks. With the help of ReproScripts plugins you can save your time and meet the requirements of necessary printing technology.

These plugins effectively solve many tasks that are quite difficult or even impossible to perform with standard tools in CorelDraw. Using them you will be able to achieve better results in a significantly shorter span of time.

When developing the plugins, we tried to provide maximum convenience and intuitive use of them, and, at the same time maximally expand the operations they provide. Some plugins may require a pre-configuration, reflecting the needs of your production, so we added to the site a maximum of information about the functions performed and the required parameters.


ReproScripts plugins are divided into groups, which we call libraries, by type of tasks performed. After installation, each library adds several commands or dockers in the CorelDraw interface. In detail, all plugins, their capabilities and application are described in each library separately.

ReproScripts Core

Fast and effective implementation of operations for replacing colors in a document, converting text into curves, changing parameters of outlines and fonts and the document preflight.

ReproScripts Pro

Three dockers that allow you to perform various professional prepress tasks, manipulate the pages of the document and perform a search for objects against a sample shape.

ReproScripts VDP

A library consisting of one plugin with huge capabilities for working with variable data, including text, barcodes and images. The plugin can generate PPML to increase the print speed many times over.

ReproScripts Imposition

Automatically creates different types of impositions and inserts into them jobs taking into account the technological requirements of digital, offset or flexo printing.

ReproScripts Calendars

The library allows you to create multilingual calendars and diaries, adds astronomical information and allows you to download and use the list of holidays of various countries.

ReproScripts BarCodes

A docker, which allows to create a wide range of barcodes in vector form. Once created, you can make edits to the code information. It is also possible to prepare and edit vCard QR.

ReproScripts Info

Two dockers which allow you to collect information about the perimeter and area of objects and the density of inks coverage of the pages of the document. The data can be exported to XML.