ReproScripts Pro Delete guides plugin for CorelDraw

  • delete guide lines on all pages and layers
  • horizontal, vertical and slanted guides included
  • processes locked layers

ReproScripts Pro command bar From time to time you come across a document in CorelDraw with a lot of guidelines which often scattered across different pages. Removing them with standard tools can take a significant amount of time. The plugin allows one to get rid of all of them in one go. ReproScripts Pro Delete guides plugin and efficiently removes all guides in a document. The plugin requires an open document in CorelDraw and can be started from the ReproScripts Pro command bar.

ReproScripts Delete Guides - confirmation dialog

When launched, the plugin opens a dialog box in which you can confirm the need to perform the operation, and also set the processing area — only one current page or all pages of the document. The plugin will remove guides on all pages and layers of the document. If the guide is located on a closed layer, then it will be unlocked and the guides will also be deleted.