ReproScripts Pro Process powerclips plugin for CorelDraw

  • Remove useless elements in powerclips
  • Clear unneeded containers
  • Process complete document in one go

Powerclips are a convenient and frequently used tool when working in CorelDraw. The ReproScripts Pro Process powerclips allows you to process objects with clips to optimize the structure of the document and prepare it for printing and can be started from the ReproScripts Pro command bar. ReproScripts Pro command bar

When you start the plugin, in the dialog box that opens, you can specify the operation that needs to be performed on objects with powerclips. The clip may contain objects, but there may also be empty powerclips left after various operations. The plugin allows you to perform different operations depending on whether the clip contains objects or not.

ReproScripts Pro Process powerclips - confirm dialog

For clips with content, you can convert it to a simple object, extract the content from the clip, or remove such objects from the document completely. For empty containers, it is possible to convert them into regular objects (which will remove the frame) or delete them from the document.

One of the features of the plugin is to convert it to a group. This can be a convenient opportunity to optimize a document and remove unnecessary objects. For example, if you have a large grid that you have placed in a powerclip. 1 Even though only a small part of the grid is visible, the clip contains a significant number of objects 2 that are no longer needed. They continue to be processed by CorelDraw, for example, when saving the document or printing it. For complex documents, this can significantly slow down work operations. The plugin will convert the clip into a simple object, 3 completely removing the invisible elements of the clip. You will receive a lightweight object with only the necessary elements, this will speed up working with the document and its printing.

ReproScripts Pro Process powerclips - convert to group